Lion dance costume satin fabric lion dance – White & Blue

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Children in China, and around the world, have their own versions of the Lion Dance for New Year and other celebrations, such as weddings, graduations, family reunions, etc. Companies Lion Dance and Dragon are more commonly associated with martial arts schools. If you are interested in participating or just watching a performance, checks associations Kung Fu and Martial Arts in your neighborhood.

Here you will find an excellent assortment of costumes for the Lion Dance for both children and adults. Lion costumes include the heads and tails and come in different sizes

Typical colors to suit the Lion dance costume are red, representing courage, green, representing friendship and goodwill, and gold, which represents vitality and a dynamic spirit.
In the guise of the lion’s head is no levers with which the dancer controls the eyes, mouth and ears of the Lion. On his forehead, the Lion normally carries a mirror, in order that evil spirits panic and withdraw seeing his own image reflected.

Lion heads can also be used as cute decorations for the New Year.

southern-lion-dance-costum-shen-lan (3)

It is made up of 6 parts: the head, the “cloak” (satin fabric), two trousers, and two pairs of slippers.
– Sized for two adults persons.
– Framework made of wood and bamboo, proceesed and colored sheep wool.
– Mantle : white fur on blue cap with black trims.
– Pants and shoes : same as the mantle.
Summary :Costume for lion dance practice, with simple decorations, fur made of sheep wool, and sequin material for the cloak (standard material for lion costume)


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