North lion dance – one of the traditional lion dance in China

The lion dance is the outstanding folk art of our country. During the festivals or rallies, folk lion dancing to add to the fun, the lion has the north and south points, the southern lion dance in Guangdong is the most famous. The lion is made of colored strips of cloth. Each lion has two people to perform, one dance, one dance. Performers in the percussion music, dressed as a lion look, make a lion of various forms of action. In the performance process, the lion who should be a variety of moves to the performance of Southern faction, very rich masculinity.

North lion shape resembles the true lion, lion head is relatively simple, while the lion wearing gold, orange, red hair. Lion dancer’s clothes, pants, shoes will be covered with hair, Guer does not look like a dance is a good Lion. In general, two people dance a lion, but if the small North lion is one person. North lion performance flexible action, and the South lion focus on the mighty different, mainly in flutter, fall, turn, roll, jumping, wiping itch and other actions, and even use the bench, step on the ball, rocking boards and other props.

North lion is generally male and female pairs appear, lion head with red knots are lions, green knot for the female. ; By the dressed up as the master of the warrior front collar, hand tied with ribbon lion. Sometimes a pair of the North lion will be accompanied by a pair of small lions, lions tease lion, lion get children for music, filling Tianlun. North lion show is closer to juggling. Music, the Beijing cymbals, Beijing gongs, Beijing-based drum.

Hebei is the birthplace of the Northern Lion. Xishui County Beili Village Lions Club was founded in 1925, with the form of folk flowers, the People’s Republic of China was established to the rapid development.

Xu Shui lion’s activity time mainly in the Spring Festival and spring temple law during the performance by the two before and after with the former hands holding props worn on the head to play the lion’s head, which leaned over his hands to seize the former waist, The other by a person wearing a lion’s head mask, wearing a lion skins wearing a lion, said Lions; hand-held hydrangeas tease the lion, the lion’s head is a lion, Of the people cited lion lion. Lion lion in the lion dance activities throughout the important role, he not only has a heroic, but also a good martial arts, to perform the “flip over the lion”, “back flip high table”, ” Pile “and other actions. Lion Lang lion and tacit understanding with the formation of an important feature of the northern lion dance. Xu Shui lion’s basic feature is the appearance of exaggeration, the lion’s head big, eyes Smart, mouth together degree, both magnificent, and naive, performance can imitate the true lion’s look, stand, walk, “360-degree twist-bend”, “the shape of lifelike”, “the shape of lifelike”, “the plum blossom pile”, “jump pile” “Single pile jump”, “the first somersault two pile,” “backflip pile” and other difficult skills.

Xu Shui lion in the Chinese folk art performance occupies an important position, in 1953, went to the capital Beijing to participate in the Chinese folk art exhibition, and on behalf of the country many times to visit the performance. In the Romanian capital Bucharest, “the Fourth World Youth Festival” won the first prize. Hebei Acrobatic Association in October 2001 officially named North Village as “the town of acrobatic lion dance.” At present, due to expensive lion dance props, training new people is not easy and other reasons, Xu water Lion face inheritance crisis, urgent to be the relevant departments to rescue and support.

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