Lion Dance. most popular folk dance in China. The lion the king of all animals is considered, and in Chinese tradition is considered a pet that can protect you from bad luck and misfortune, while bringing peace and prosperity.

The dancers wear costumes lion, made of paper and wood and decorated by people with lots of color, hoping that the lion compensate for their generosity bringing happiness and fortune. Chinese Lion Dance is confused often with the Dragon Dance. Both are a very important part of traditional Chinese festivals, especially the Chinese New Year.

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Types of Lion Dance Costumes

Lion dance is a typical traditional dance in the Chinese culture and among other Asian countries. It is characterized by the dancers mimicking the movements of a lion in Lion dance costumes. The dance is commonly performed during the Chinese new year festival and other traditional, religious, and cultural events among the Chinese. Below are the different types of costumes that they use while performing the dance.

The Fut Shan Lion

The Fut Lion was the first lion to be created in China according to the Chinese culture. It has a high forehead, a sharp horn on its head, and curved lips. The dance movement is rough, and the dancing routine is used in big movements.

The Futthock Lion

The Futthock was created in Singapore. It has a round horn on its head and a pair of semi-curved lips. It was created by combining the features of the Fut Shan Lion and Hoksan.

The Southern Cantonese Lion

This lion style dancing mainly focuses on the horse stance. Initially, there existed only two schools of southern Cantonese Lion dancing style, but with time the two were combined to form the Futthock style.

The Hoksan Lion

The Hoksan was created long after the Fut Shan Lion had existed. It was also known as the Duck Beak Lion and is characterized by a rounded horn, a lower forehead, and a duck beak mouth that has flat lips.

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